For Parents

In the suzuki world, parents are also students. It’s my responsibility to make sure you have the tools you need to be an excellent home teacher for your child. Much of what you do at home will be modeled after what we do in the lesson.

I hope that you will find many of the resources posted on this website helpful. Feel free to make suggestions for content.

All situations are unique and each of you come to the table with a diffent level of understanding and past experiences . It helps me to know a little about you such as your occupation and musical background.

I  know that it can be  difficult to form questions about  unfamiliar subject matter. Asking really good questions is a skill! I find that if you express what you are struggling with, we can discover the question is and go from there.

The best time to ask questions is the beginning of your individual lesson. This way, I will have time to fully answer your question.